Charles Westfield

Retired physician and wealthy philanthropist.


Agi D6, Str D4, Smart D10, Spirit D8, Vig D6


An old Friend and colleague of Dr. Aberham VanHelsing from their days in medical school. Westfield was the elder student and something of a mentor to the young VanHelsing at the time. Since then however he has taken a much more conventional career path. As such he has never been directly involved with the Rippers but for the past twenty years or so he has been a silent beneficiary.

Doctor Westfield is a very old, very wealthy man, who feels that his years as a doctor have earned him the right to be as eccentric as he wants. He has seen scientific evidence of the supernatural and knows it exists in a very clinical way, but he has never come face to face with a monster and is more than happy to let VanHelsing and his group worry about the fate of mankind. He’s too old and too comfortable.

Charles Westfield

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